Fan Fiqtion Interviewed by Modern Bear Magazine

Featured and Interviewed by the Modern Bear Blog

MB: So who is Fan Fiqtion? Or is that a bad first question?
Z: "Not at all, I get asked that a lot *chuckles*. Fan Fiqtion is just my artist name. My friends know me as Zion but my followers would find my work under Fan Fiqtion. All of my songs utilize top-line singers with much better voices than myself. I felt like if I just went by Zion then I’d be expected to sing. And we wouldn’t want that to happen..."
MB: Why not?
Z: "Well let's just say the best decision I ever made was to stop singing. This actually frees me up to concentrate on writing good music, which is my first love."
MB: So what is with the “Q" in Fiqtion?
Z: "I could tell you then I would have to kill you. *evil grin*" ...