Fan Fiqtion is the passion project of producer/songwriter Zion, but utilizes the vocal talents of other singers, including Cameron DeGurski, Brittany Pfantz, Courtney Cotter King, and Celia Rose. Also, sometimes using violin talents of Van Isaacson on the more recent work. Based out of Phoenix, Fiqtion is known for its soul reflection earworms atop rustic home-grown textures. Or put more simply: catchy, optimistic, modern folk music. With the uncertain nature of our world right now, Fiqtion draws on the basic matters of the heart. Looking for beauty in the world around us, and reengaging with those human bonds that give healing.



Writer and Producer: Zion

Featured artists:

Female Vocals / Courtney Cotter King

Male Vocals / Cameron DeGurski

Female Vocals / Brittany Pfantz

Female Vocals / Celia Rose

Logo and album cover graphic design: Mulham Al Hamad

Artist painting: Tithi Luadthong