The Alternate Root music blog features Fan Fiqtion

Beautiful review and feature on The Alternate Root music blog website. "Over time, the call of music was louder than the ticking of a time clock and Zion worked on honing his songwriting skills. The cuts compiled on Winter Grass follow the beat, the sound for each tune relying heavily on its percussion."

Fan Fiqtion Interviewed by Modern Bear Magazine

Featured and Interviewed by the Modern Bear Blog

MB: So who is Fan Fiqtion? Or is that a bad first question?
Z: "Not at all, I get asked that a lot *chuckles*. Fan Fiqtion is just my artist name. My friends know me as Zion but my followers would find my work under Fan Fiqtion. All of my songs utilize top-line singers with much better voices than myself. I felt like if I just went by Zion then I’d be expected to sing. And we wouldn’t want that to happen..."
MB: Why not?
Z: "Well let's just say the best decision I ever made was to stop singing. This actually frees me up to concentrate on writing good music, which is my first love."
MB: So what is with the “Q" in Fiqtion?
Z: "I could tell you then I would have to kill you. *evil grin*" ...